Pro Wakeboard Tour at the Mersey River Festival 4th & 5th June

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The Industry Pro Wakeboard Tour is coming to the International Mersey River Festival on June 4th and 5th.

The International Mersey River Festival is a huge free event that happens on the famous Liverpool Waterfront. This year the key attractions at the festival are the Northern Boat Show, a stop of the Industry Pro Wakeboard Tour and a free music festival! It all happens in the Albert Dock and surrounding area.

Industry Wake Parks are building a bespoke wake park in Salthouse Dock and the best wakeboarders in the UK  are coming to do battle and try and win a share of the £2,000 prize money.

You can see some of the athletes attending by clicking here. They include guys like:
Jack and Joey Battleday
Ryan and Liam Peacock
CK Koester
Freddie Carter
Matty Muncey
And many more!

We have 2 of our very own local riders entering the competition. Harley Somerville and Alex Brandwood will both be showing off their skills in Salthouse Dock. The bespoke course will include a brand new obstacle, which will then be moved into its new home at Liverpool Wake Park!

The Industry Pro Tour times are as follows:

Saturday 4th June:
11:30am to 1pm – Qualifying
3pm to 4:30pm – Head to Head Competition

Sunday 5th June:
11:30am to 1pm – Big Air Jam
3pm to 4:30pm – Big Air Jam

Learn To Wakeboard This Spring

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The water is getting warmer and there has never been such great time to learn to wakeboard.

Liverpool Wake Park is the easiest and most fun place to come and to learn to wakeboard. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a naturally sporty person, how old you are, your fitness levels or how big or small you maybe. We guarantee that we will get you up and riding a wakeboard on your first session. If you don’t, we will give you your full money back!

We use the revolutionary System 2.0 cable tow to pull you over the water. This cable system has incredible speed control and a high pull, which really helps the beginners. Our trained staff have taught thousands of people to ride and they get a real buzz from seeing you smile and get hooked on the sport.

Beginner Lesson: £20
Beginner Pro Pass: £40

Buy our Gift Vouchers Right Here!

Beginner Lesson
The Beginner Lesson includes a 30 minute dry land lesson and kit selection, 15 minutes on the water and a 15 minute de-brief. All equipment required is included in the price.

Beginner Pro Pass
The Beginner Pro Pass includes a 30 minute dry land lesson and kit selection, 2x 15 minute sessions on the water and a 15 minute de-brief. All equipment required is included in the price.

These beginner lessons include all the kit you need. You get a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet and wakeboard. Our fully trained instructors will give you a dry land lesson and then get you out on the water. If we don’t get you up we give you your full money back!

To book a beginner lesson please call 0151 230 8247 or email


Limited Wakeboard Funded Courses Available

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We have some amazing funded wakeboard courses available. These are in limited supply, so make sure you call the wake park and make the most of these incredible offers.

The funded sessions come from Sport England and British Waterski Wakeboard and are aimed at helping get new people participating in sport.

Once you have completed a beginner lesson and had an brilliant time on the water, not only will you have a massive smile on your face, but you will also be eligible to purchase these funded sessions.

Sportivate Sessions – Age 11 to 25
£50 for 8 sessions
Includes one on one coaching at all times
Includes all hire kit, e.g. wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet, wakeboard
Each session is 15 minutes long
You can use the sessions anytime you want within 12 months.
Worth over £224 in value.
Age 11 to 25 only

On The Edge Sessions – Age 26 and Over
£60 for 6 sessions
Includes one on one coaching at all times
Includes all hire kit, e.g. wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet, wakeboard
Each session is 15 minutes long
You can use the sessions anytime you want within 12 months.
Worth over £168 in value.
Age 26 and over only

We have a limited supply of these!
Once they are gone, they are gone.
Please contact the wake park ASAP to purchase these. or 01512308247


Mikey Pinder Documentary

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Make sure you watch this amazing video of Mikey Pinder, one of our members at the wake park.

Mikey Pinder, 31, from West Kirby, spent many years trying to overcome difficulties associated with autism. He found it hard to communicate and interact with others.

Out of curiosity he tried wakeboarding at the Liverpool Wake Park in October 2013 a few months after it opened by the Queens Dock in the heart of the city, and he has never looked back.

Mikey now has social media accounts and is about to become a YouTube sensation.

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Think skateboards on water, with participants propelled across the surface and over floating obstacles by a controlled cable tow.

Nearly two and a half years on, the sport has transformed Mikey’s life. He is fitter, stronger and now enjoys an active social life.

“Wakeboarding is a way to clear my head. I really love it. I use my membership like a gym, and also to swim, any day I want, so I feel really healthy,” said Mikey.

He added: “One year after my first session I made my debut at the Grassroots Tour competition. I was nervous but it was a great experience. I came in ninth place and everyone cheered me.”

Mikey’s progress delighted the staff at the Liverpool Wake Park facility. The team offers support and training to users of all ages and abilities, and Mikey has quickly become a star down at the dock.

Owner of the wake park experience, Tim Woodhead, said: “The sport is set up to be accessible to all, and the high walls and calm water at the dock allow boarders to pick up skills quickly. But it was fantastic seeing Mikey make so much progress in other areas.”

He added: “Mikey has gained so much belief in his own abilities, and he is now quite the showman. We all thought that making a film would take Mikey to the next level. That process has been a superb learning curve for everyone at the centre.”

The three-minute film was shot on location at Queens Dock. It’s showcases Mikey’s inspirational journey and highlights how the confidence he has gained from the sport now overspills into his everyday life.

Wakeboarding has opened many new social circles, as Mikey explains: “I meet loads of new people now. We talk about what we have done, what tricks we have practiced, and I have lots of wakeboarder friends on Twitter, and especially Facebook.”

“People should give it a go. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a pro.”

Mikey’s message to anyone considering trying the sport is simple: “Do it for fun; feel happy!”

New Season Party Jam – 9th April

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The sun is out, the water is getting warmer, the nights are getting longer and the new wakeboard season has finally arrived!

To celebrate the new season, we are having a New Season Party Jam on Saturday 9th April. It is an all day jam from 10am to dusk. Riders will rotate in short sessions on the water.

Price: £22
Members: Free
Ride Packs / Progression Sessions: just use 1 of your sessions
(hire kit not included)

Liquid Force Demo Day
Liquid Force will be on site all day with a host of demo boards and a couple of pro riders to give advice, coaching and inspire you all! This is your perfect opportunity to try out new boards and boots and see what you like and what suits your style.

Herbalife24 Training
We have Herbalife24 on site all day to give you all advice on keeping fit, nutrition, staying healthy and the amazing Herbalife24 products.
‘Our aim is to give you guys and girls the opportunity to see how well these products work for fuelling you before riding, providing enhanced performance and endurance out on the water and there is also products to help recovery after riding, so you can ride more!’

BBQ / Hotpot
The cafe will be open all day and will be putting on some kind of BBQ or Hotpot, etc.

We hope to see you all down at the wake park on Saturday 9th April.

To book on please call the wake park on 0151 2308247 or email







Pathway to Shredding Liverpool Wake Park

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Our Pathway to Shredding Liverpool Wake Park:

Stage 1: Beginner
Start as a Beginner
One on one coaching and money back if you don’t get up!
Prices from £20 per person
Click here for full details

Stage 2: Progression Sessions
Start learning loads of tricks with our Progression Sessions courses
8 Sessions for £99
One on one coaching
Most people are starting to use the jumps and ramps at the end of this course.
Click here for more info

Stage 3: Jam Nights
Meet new friends and get inspired at our Jam Nights
Click here for info on: Friday Night Jams
Click here for info on: Girls Ride Nights
Loads of people all riding together in short sessions, great fun and super interactive.

Stage 4: Ride Packs
If you want to carry on riding, you can buy our ride packs and save loads of money
All with one on one coaching from fully qualified BWSW coaches
Click here for full details

Stage 5: Membership
If you are really loving wakeboarding then the most cost effective way to ride loads is our membership.
You can pay these monthly and they are just like a gym membership, once you are a member you can use the wake park as much as you want.
Click here for full details

Stage 6: Grassroots Tour & Sunday Jam Series
By now you will be really loving this awesome sport and might want to enter a few competitions.
We run our own Sunday Jam Series of fun and friendly competitions and we also host a stop of the Grassroots Tour every year.

Easter Vouchers

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If you are looking for something new to try out this Easter, check out our vouchers and boxsets that we have available. These are the perfect Easter gift.

We have 3 different Vouchers on offer:

Learn To Wakeboard Voucher: £20
Day Pass Voucher: £40
Progression Sessions Voucher: £99

The vouchers can be re-deemed anytime in the next 12 months. You can call into the park to buy the vouchers or buy them online and get free postage.

We have 3 different Box Set Vouchers on offer:

We have some amazing Easter Box Sets on offer. You get the wakeboarding voucher, a Fox tee shirt, lanyard and some stickers all packed up in a custom IND.1 box. This is a great present for your family and friends.

Learn To Wakeboard Box Set: £35
Day Pass Box Set: £55
Progression Sessions Box Set: £115

You can view all our vouchers and boxsets by clicking here.


Student Wakeboard Day, 16th March

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We are hosting a Student Wakeboarding Day on 16th March.

Student Wakeboarding Day:
– £10 per 15 minute session
– Book as many sessions as you like
– Limited sessions available, so please book ASAP
– To book email or call 01512308247
– Must pay in full to confirm booking
– Price does not include hire kit
– Any standard welcome from beginner to pro athlete.


Members Mates Ride For £10 All March

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If you are a member of Liverpool Wake Park, you can bring a friend for a session and it will cost them just £10 during all of March.

Wakeboarding is all about fun and getting out on the water with your buddies. This is an amazing chance to introduce your friends to this awesome sport.

There are no limitations, they could be a beginner or a pro rider. Any age over 6 is fine and you can bring 1 friend for 1 session or bring 100 friends for 100 sessions each!

You will need to pre-book and pre-pay in advance. To book please call Josie on 01512308247 or email

Members Mates Ride for £10 All March
– £10 for a 15 minute session
hire kit is not included
– must pre-book and fully pre pay
– must be booked by a current Liverpool Wake Park member
– you can bring as many friends as you like
– each friend can ride as many times as they want during March

Check out our opening hours by clicking here.