Wakeboard Mega Deals

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We have some mega deals on 5 of our wakeboards from from 2016. Once they are gone, they are gone! The first 2 customers to buy one will get a free Liquid Force Party Chair worth £100.

Call the shop on 0151 2308247 or email us at ride@liverpoolwakepark.co.uk

Package 1:
Liquid Force TAO 137cm
Liquid Force TAO Boots uk9.5 to 11.5
Full value: £770
Sale Price:£549

Package 2:
Liquid Force Peak 137cm
Liquid Force Harley Ltd Boots uk7.5 to 8.5
Full value: £810
Sale Price:£599

Package 3:
Liquid Force Deluxe 140cm
Liquid Force Vantage Boots uk 8.5 to 9.5
Full value: £810
Sale Price: £599

Package 4:
Liquid Force TAO Ltd 141cm
Liquid Force Harley Ltd Boots uk 9.5 to 10.5
Full value: £830
Sale Price: £599

Package 5:
Slingshot Terrain 136cm
Ronix Frank Boots uk 7 to 8
Full value: £780
Sale Price: £450

Free Liquid Force Party Chair worth £100 to the first 2 packages sold

Beginner Wakeboard Lesson! x2 £30

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We have an amazing offer for the month of April!

Have you ever wanted to learn to wakeboard? The warm weather has well and truly arrived, Easter is almost here and there is no better time to get on the water and have some serious fun and good times. Our amazing offer is valid all through April and allows you and your buddy or family member to learn to Wakeboard for only £30. That is a saving of £20 compared to our normal prices.

2x Beginner Wakeboard Lessons at Liverpool Wake Park for only £30! Making a saving of £20.

The vouchers can only be re-deemed within the month of April. You can call into the park to buy the vouchers, buy them online and get free postage, call 0151 2308247 or email us at ride@liverpoolwakepark.co.uk 

You can view all our vouchers and boxsets by clicking here.

Spring Opening Hours

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Have a look at our Easter and Spring Opening Hours.

Easter Opening Hours
10th, 11th, 12th April: Closed
13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th April: Open
18th, 19th April: Closed
20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd April: Open

Thereafter (e.g. 24th April and onwards):
Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 11am to dusk
Saturday & Sunday: 10am to dusk
Open Bank Holiday Mondays 10am to Dusk

At some point during late June, we will start to open 7 days a week.

Sandbox Helmets X Sesitec

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We just took delivery of some amazing Sandbox Helmets! This year Sandbox and Sesitec have collaborated to come out with our favourite cranium protector to date!

We have a special April offer going down on Sandbox Helemts – 10% discount code for the month of April only. Use – ‘sandboxapriloffer’ in the checkout. Or call into the wake park.

Call now on 0151 2308247 or email at ride@liverpoolwakepark.co.uk

Mystic Box Sets!

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We have 6 different gift sets available, these make amazing gifts for your friends and family. There are 3 different wakeboarding options, you can take the beginner lesson if you have never done it before. The day pass if you can already ride or the Progression Sessions if you want to really improve and learn more. The day pass gives you 3 sessions in 1 day and the Progression Sessions gives you 8 sessions, which you can use over a 12 month period! You can then mix your riding with the Mystic Towel option or the Mystic Poncho option! You also get a bunch of goodies thrown in too, like Mystic keychain, stickers and a cool bag to parcel it all up in. Hit the links below to see more info. 

Mystic Poncho & Progression Sessions Voucher  – £150.00
Mystic Quick Dry Towel & Progression Sessions Voucher – £115.00
Mystic Poncho & Day Pass – £100.00
Mystic Towel & Day Pass – £65.00
Mystic Poncho & Beginner Lesson – £75.00
Mystic Towel & Beginner Lesson – £45.00

The vouchers can be re-deemed anytime in the next 12 months. You can call into the park to buy the box sets or buy them online and get free postage.

You can view all our vouchers and boxsets by clicking here.

Each box set comes with the following options:

New Park Layout

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Check out our New Park Layout

Our wake park features some of the most progressive and cutting edge wakeboard features anywhere in Europe! All our obstacles are designed and fabricated by the Industry Wake Parks crew. All the wakeboard obstacles are safe, user friendly and designed with decades of experience. We have created a progression ladder through the park. No matter what standard you are at, there is an obstacle for you to use and an obstacle for you to progress onto and dream of hitting. The better you get the more there is to play on!

We operate with 2 Sesitec System 2.0 cable tows and we have obstacles on both systems. One system is called the South Park and is designed for beginner to intermediate and the other is called the North Park and is designed for intermediate to pro riders.





Christmas Vouchers & Box Sets

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We have 3 different vouchers on offer for Christmas presents.
Learn To Wakeboard Voucher: £20
Day Pass Voucher: £40
Progression Sessions Voucher: £99
The vouchers can be re-deemed anytime in the next 12 months. You can call into the park to buy the vouchers or buy them online and get free postage.
We have some amazing Christmas Box Sets on offer.
You get the wakeboarding voucher, a tee shirt, lanyard and some stickers all packed up in a custom IND.1 box. This is a great present for your family and friends.
Learn To Wakeboard Box Set: £35
Day Pass Box Set: £55
Progression Sessions Box Set: £115
 The vouchers can be re-deemed anytime in the next 12 months. You can call into the park to buy the box sets or buy them online and get free postage.
You can view all our vouchers and boxsets by clicking here.

Fully Stocked Pro Shop On Site

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Our pro shop sells all the kit you need to go wakeboarding and a load of cool stuff to go along aside the hardware. We have Liquid Force and Slingshot wakeboards which are bullet proof and designed for wake park riding. We don’t believe in selling boards that won’t last the abuse a wake park can throw at them!

We also have wetsuits and crash jackets from Mystic, O’Neill & Follow Wake, helmets from Bern, Sandbox, Liquid Force and Mystic and then plenty of clothing and accessories.

You can demo all our wakeboards and bindings. If you end up buying the item you demo, we give you a full refund on your riding sessions. Members and students get 10% discount in the store too!

View our online store right here!


Christmas Opening Times

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21st, 22nd, 23rd Dec: Open 11am to dark
24th Dec: 10am to 2pm (fancy dress shred if you want)
25th, 26th, 27th Dec: Closed
28th, 29th, 30th Dec: 11am to dark
31st Dec: 11am to 2pm
1st: Closed

Our opening hours change during the year. We are open 12 months a year, in the height of summer we open 7 days a week, in spring and autumn we open 5 days a week and in the depths of winter we open 3 days a week.

Alternate Wednesdays and Fridays 11am to dark
Saturday 10am to dark
Sunday 10am to dark

Wednesday to Friday 11am to dark
Saturday and Sunday 10am to dark

Monday to Friday 11am to dark
Saturday and Sunday 10am to dark

Wednesday to Friday 11am to dark
Saturday and Sunday 10am to dark

We will open the park any day for group bookings, please contact ride@liverpoolwakepark.co.uk for group bookings information.

Grassroots Tour Stop, Saturday 29th October

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The Grassroots Tour is a national competition series that runs at System 2.0 Wake Parks all over the UK. You can find out more info at www.grassrootstour.co.uk

The competition is a mega fun and friendly day, if you have been riding and having at fun at Liverpool Wake Park this season then you should get down and enter the comp. It is not serious, it is just fun and friendly. It is all about meeting new riders, learning new tricks and testing your skills.

We have loads of divisions, even if you only learnt to ride this year, or even the day before the comp you can still enter and have a load of fun.

We will open the park at 9am, between 9am and 2pm is all day riding. This is just like our Friday Jam Nights, everyone rotates in 5 minute sessions on both parks. We have pro riders here to do some demos and we will have pro coaches on the dock to help people learn new tricks.

The competition starts at 2pm, each rider gets 3 passes. A pass being up and down the course. You can fall in as much as you want, the judges will be looking for smooth riding, using as many obstacles as you can, doing clean tricks, how big you go and how technical the tricks are!

Men’s Rookie
Men’s Intermediate
Men’s Open
Ladies Rookie
Ladies Open
Junior Rookie
Junior Intermediate
Juniors Open

It costs £35 to enter the Grassroots Tour, or £25 if you are a valid member of the BWSW
To enter, please contact the wake park and book in on 01512308247 or ride@liverpoolwakepark.co.uk
You can also book using our online booking system by clicking here.

After the comp we will do a prize giving and then all head to Fredericks for some drinks and a big party!

Over the weekend, we will also be hosting a big demo day and showcasing all the new 2017 kit from Slingshot and Liquid Force!