Grassroots Tour Stop, Saturday 29th October

By October 26, 2016Uncategorized

The Grassroots Tour is a national competition series that runs at System 2.0 Wake Parks all over the UK. You can find out more info at

The competition is a mega fun and friendly day, if you have been riding and having at fun at Liverpool Wake Park this season then you should get down and enter the comp. It is not serious, it is just fun and friendly. It is all about meeting new riders, learning new tricks and testing your skills.

We have loads of divisions, even if you only learnt to ride this year, or even the day before the comp you can still enter and have a load of fun.

We will open the park at 9am, between 9am and 2pm is all day riding. This is just like our Friday Jam Nights, everyone rotates in 5 minute sessions on both parks. We have pro riders here to do some demos and we will have pro coaches on the dock to help people learn new tricks.

The competition starts at 2pm, each rider gets 3 passes. A pass being up and down the course. You can fall in as much as you want, the judges will be looking for smooth riding, using as many obstacles as you can, doing clean tricks, how big you go and how technical the tricks are!

Men’s Rookie
Men’s Intermediate
Men’s Open
Ladies Rookie
Ladies Open
Junior Rookie
Junior Intermediate
Juniors Open

It costs £35 to enter the Grassroots Tour, or £25 if you are a valid member of the BWSW
To enter, please contact the wake park and book in on 01512308247 or
You can also book using our online booking system by clicking here.

After the comp we will do a prize giving and then all head to Fredericks for some drinks and a big party!

Over the weekend, we will also be hosting a big demo day and showcasing all the new 2017 kit from Slingshot and Liquid Force!