Liverpool Wake Park offers an exciting and incredibly unique venue for kids parties. The venue is extremely safe and our staff are fully trained and qualified with the BWSW.

The minimum age is 6 years old to learn to wakeboard, but we recommend age 8 and over for them to really enjoy it and make the most of the party.

The price is £30 per person and includes all the kit you need, some epic ‘one on one’ coaching from our fully qualified instructors and a a blast on the inflatable Ringo rides too.

Please contact us to create your perfect kids party! 0151 230 8247 or

kids party
During the party all the kids get fully kitted out in wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets, they get to go swimming, learn to wakeboard, and then it all finishes with a playful inflatable ride on the cable. The inflatable ride at the end always brings a big simile to everyone’s face and is a great photo opportunity.

There is a café on site at Liverpool Wake Park and for the kids parties we can offer just the activity or for an additional cost we can also include food and drink.

For details on costs of kids parties please contact us at or 0151 347 7568