Local Riders Podium on Grassroots Tour North Region

By October 30, 2015News

Huge congratulations to some of our local riders who grabbed a podium on the overall North Region of the 2015 Neff Grassroots Tour. Liverpool Wake Park hosted the final stop of the tour, which visited 7 other parks in the Northern Region over the season. Riders score points at each event and they add up to crown overall winners at the end of the season.

Well done to all our local riders who entered the tour, we got the following overall podiums:

Alex Brandwood: 1st Open Men, North Region
Jess Lovell: 2nd Open Ladies, North Region
Brandon Trumble: 2nd Open Junior, North Region
Ben Trumble: 1st Intermediate Junior, North Region
Lilly Holt: 2nd Rookie Junior, North Region
Mikey Pinder: 2nd Rookie Men, North Region

Jess Lovell, 2nd Open Ladies:n
Pic – Jon Shrimpton

Alex Brandwood, 1st Open Men:
Pic – Jon Shrimpton