Industry Wake Parks have been working with Red Bull over the last 4 years to create and develop an event called Red Bull Harbour Reach. In 2011 and 2012 the event took place in Lyme Regis on the South coast. In 2013 and 2014 we brought the event to the heart of Liverpool, in the historic Albert Dock! Check out these amazing videos to see all the highlights from this incredible event!

This is the footage from the finals at Harbour Reach 2014. It was a 6 man final, we show the highlights of the bottom 3 and then then full runs from the podium finishers. Each rider in the final had 2 runs to impress the judges, with the best run scoring.


Jessie’s Wake Blog goes to Harbour Reach 2014 and interviews some of the pro riders and gets some great footage.


An overview of the 2013 event filmed and edited by Tim Foster from No Idea Productions:


The below video shows the full runs of each rider who made the 4 man final in 2013:


Our very own Jessie Knight went down to Harbour Reach 2013 and interviewed some of the pros: