We want to help you get more time on the water! One of the biggest hurdles you face in getting more water time is the cost. We have created these Ride Packs to help bring the cost of riding right down. We all love to ride and the more you ride the less expensive it becomes.

Progression Sessions, 8 sessions: £99 (£12 per session, only available to buy once per person)
5 Sessions: £100 (£20 per session)
10 Sessions: £180 (£18 per session)
15 Sessions: £240 (£16 per session)
20 Sessions: £280 (£14 per session)
25 Sessions: £300 (£12 per session)
Family Pack, 60 sessions: £600 (£10 per session, can be used by all the direct family, eg Mum, Dad and kids)

Please note that hire kit is not included in these ride pack prices.