The wake park is all about fun and riders pushing themselves to learn new tricks and progress their riding. At the same time as being fun, we are also extremely safe, all of our staff are fully trained BWSW operators and instructors. They all have first aid licenses and we have a rescue boat next to the start dock.

There are a few basic rules that apply to all riders.


– We can provide you with all the kit you need, we have towels, wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, wakeboards, bindings, and Mystic Battle jackets to keep you warm.
– You need to bring a pair of flipflops or shoes with you. This is so you can walk safely from the changing rooms to the start dock.
– We advise you bring your own towel and a pair of swim trunks to wear under your wetsuit.


– Always wear an impact vest and helmet
– Always follow instructions from the operator
– Users must be competent swimmers
– Users must inform the wake park staff of any disabilities, injuries or health problems
– Users must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs


– Raise your hand in the air for 2 seconds to inform the operator you are okay
– Swim to the center of the cable and hold onto the handle
– Make sure that the rope is not tangled around your body or any body parts
– Assume the start position ready for the water start


– Riding a System 2.0 can cause personal injury, use at your own risk
– Only riders booked into the current session are allowed on the start dock
– Do not distract the operator
– Riders must be of the obstacle standard before they can use any obstacles
– Ensure the rope is not tangled around your body or any body parts before assuming the water start position
– No climbing on the System 2.0 Towers



Before you can hit the obstacles you must be able to complete the following wakeboard maneuvers whilst remaining in control of your board:
– Hold an aggressive heelside and toeside edge
– Negotiate corners
– Ollie
– Turn the board from regular to switch and back
– Ride switch at least 100m
– Ollie to switch


– Using obstacles can lead to excessive wear and damage to your wakeboard
– Using obstacles may void your boards warranty, check with your local retailer
– Use of obstacles can cause personal injury, use at own risk