Christmas Present Ideas

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Finding the ideal Christmas present can be stressful at this festive time of year, so we thought we would make it easier for you! Whether you’re looking for a new wetsuit, a Stocking Filler or a poncho,we have a wide range of Xmas gift ideas for all! For some needed gift inspiration see what are Christmas present gift ideas has on offer!
















1. 2018 Mystic Poncho Mint – £53.00

2. Dryrobe – £100.00

3. Oneill psycho DL 1.5mm glove – £26.00

4. The Dry Bag – £60.00

5. Shop vouchers – £25 -£100

6. O’Neill Psycho One TB3 5/4mm – £225.00

7. Mystic Beanie Neoprene Grey/Navy – £22.00

Christmas Jam – Saturday 23rd Dec

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We are having a Christmas Jam on Saturday 23rd December. Come down and enjoy some Christmas shredding with everyone. We will be open from 10am to dark. It is a jam format, so everyone heads down to the dock together and rides in 5 minute sessions. Ride all day, or just turn up any time you want.

– Christmas Jam
– Mince Pies and Hot Chocolates on the Dock
– Tunes on the Dock
– Ride with our staff and coaches
– Great fun day and brilliant way to start your Christmas Holidays
– Prizes up for grabs including clothes, beanies, vouchers and BEER:)

Don’t forget, we are closing the park for maintenance during all of January and a good chunk of February, so this is a perfect way to get some decent shredding before we close.

Happy Christmas & a Merry Shredding New Year XX

Christmas Opening Times

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We are not sure exactly what happened to 2017! It seems like it was only yesterday when we were sunning ourselves on the dock and riding without wetsuits! Here are the Christmas Opening Hours for Liverpool Wake Park:

20th, 21st, 22nd: 11am to dark
23rd: 10am to dark (Christmas Jam, Mince Pies on the dock and drinks afterwards)
24th: 10am to 2pm
25th & 26th: Closed
27th, 28th, 29th: 11am to dark
30th: 10am to dark
31st: Closed
January – Shut all month for maintenance
February – Shut for at least half the month for maintenance
We will post maintenance updates and let you know expected re-opening ASAP

£400 Mega Board & Boots Package

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It is that time of year, where you can pick up some mega deals on buying wakeboard equipment. We just managed to get hold of some discounted Hyperlite Team boots, these are an epic set of high end, lightweight and comfy wakeboard boots. We have combined these boots, with some of the 2017 boards, to make an unreal wakeboard / boot package deal!

It is super simple, for £400, you can have 1 of the boards listed below, with a set of Hyperlite Team Boots in your size. This is saving you hundreds of pounds! Only available while stocks last:

2017 Liquid Force FLX 135
2017 Liquid Force FLX 139
2017 Liquid Force FLX 143
2017 Liquid Force Peak 141 (been demo’d a couple of times, no damage)
2016 Liquid Force Raph 139
2016 Liquid Force Raph 135
2016 Liquid Force TAO 137
2015 Liquid Force Peak 133
2016 Liquid Force FLX 135
2016 Liquid Force Delite 136
2017 Slingshot Reflex 141 (been demo’d a couple of times, no damage)
2016 Slingshot Terrain 136

Or for £450 you can have any of the following boards with a set of Hyperlite Team Boots in your size.

2017 Liquid Force Butter Stick 140
2017 Liquid Force Butter Stick 148
2017 Liquid Force TAO 133
2017 Liquid Force TAO 137
2017 Liquid Force TAO 141
2017 Liquid Force Deluxe 136
2017 Liquid Force Raph 135
2017 O’Brien SOB 140

All prices are plus postage, or you can collect for free. Postage is £20 to any UK address.

To order please call 0151 2308247 or email

You can see further details on each board at our online store,

Grassroots Tour – Sat 28th October

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The Industry Grassroots Tour is heading to our park on Saturday 28th October. This is a fun day and aimed at anyone who enjoys being strapped to a wakeboard and splashing around on the water! It is all about fun and meeting some like-minded shredders. It doesn’t matter if you learnt your first corner yesterday or landed your first double flip, we can guarantee if you head down to our docks on Saturday 28th you will have a massive smile on your face most of the day.

10am to 1pm: Practice Sessions, 5 laps and swap rider
1pm: Competition Starts
Prize giving will follow as quickly as possible, once the competition finishes.

£35 entry
£30 if you are a member of BWSW

Comp Format:
For full format info, click here. Main points are:
All Rookie Divisions: 3 passes on the South Park
All Intermediate Divisions: 2 passes on the South Park & 2 passes on the North Park
All Open Divisions: 2 passes on the South Park & 2 passes on the North Park
1 pass = up and down the park
Fall in as many times as you like

Junior Rookie
Ladies Rookie
Mens Rookie
Junior Intermediate
Ladies Intermediate
Mens Intermediate
Junior Open
Ladies Open
Mens Open
Click here to see what division you should be in, or ask a member of our crew.

We are having a bit of a party in the evening, it all starts at 7pm at Fredericks, on Hope Street. Click here for more info.
The party is tripling up as Josie’s leaving do, Emmy’s leaving do and a Grassroots Tour get together.
We need to know numbers ASAP if you want food. It is £20 per person and the food is basically a mix of their epic Pizza’s, shoestring fries, mini hotdogs, mini burgers, fish cakes and plenty more.

Beat Brexit Price Increases on your new kit

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Brexit Price Increases

Unfortunately all the wakeboard hardware originates from American companies, this means that all the new 2018 kit has gone up in price. This is due to the crazy de-valuation of the UK £, since the Brexit decision. To help you with this burden we are giving you a 10% discount code off all new 2018 stock! with this code: “brexit”. Also all our 2017 gear is discounted by 20% so head over to the store now to grab yourself a bragain!

Jam Night Video

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The Friday Night Jam is super fun, it is all about getting loads of people together and riding and pushing each other. Taking inspiration and ideas from each other is a great way to improve.

All the riders rotate in 5 minute or 3 pass sessions and this creates an awesome vibe where people really push each other, meet new friends and progress their riding.


Liverpool Wake Park | Jam Night from Industry Wake Parks on Vimeo.


Progression Sessions Video

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Our incredible Progression Sessions course is the easy and affordable way to progress at wakeboarding. Once you have had your beginner lesson, learnt to ride and come off the water with a massive smile on your face we guarantee you will want more! The next step for a budding wakeboarder is to learn good heelside and toeside carving, corners, surface tricks, ollies and then start hitting the obstacles. Our Progression Sessions are guaranteed to improve your riding and you will soon be addicted to this awesome sport!

We recently filmed this video so you can see exactly what is possible on our progression sessions and what standard we would aim to reach for your riding.

Liverpool Wake Park | Progression Sessions from Industry Wake Parks on Vimeo.

Harley – Jam Night – This Friday!

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Returning to the dock we have Harley Somerville for the 10th of August! Harley will be sharing with you his tips and tricks all evening!

We also have are brand new JBL Mega BOOM speakers, so bring your phones to the dock and we can play your tunes, we be jammin’ all evening!